2019-44-Cervical Stenosis

2019 – 44 – cervical stenosis

Cervical Stenosis

Hello friend,

In order to continue the ‘threat’ IR story I have to fill in some gaps in my difficulties with Healthcare (see also 2019-10, 2019-13 and 2019-15.

Back in October last year, one of the nurses told me she would be booking an appointment for me to see the GP. At that time, it was to discuss the options available to address my angina – I wanted a proper investigation by a cardiologist; maybe an angiogram. Weeks passed no appointment.

I then came down with a weird coughing illness (2019-13) and started having episodes of chronic fatigue (2019-10). I had another conversation with the nurse in December; once again she told me she would get the GP appoinment booked – still nothing. This led to applications and complaints.

Meanwhile, my symptons were progressing: pain, dizziness and nausea, to name but three. As you could imagine, I was getting more and more worried about the cause. I thought the most likely candidate was a progression of the cervical stenosis. Well, I’ve had the MRI and there is no change – I’m waiting to see the neurologist – but at the time, I was in the dark and getting desperate. I’ve seen too many prisoners struggling to get treatment and dying; a result of delays in treatment.

It actually took until April to see a GP for urgent MRI referal (it took 50 days from referal to MRI); and only with a lot of conflict (see next blog). T see the GP the nurse said she would book me with took 9 months! It also too 4 1/2 months to get a medical gym session – a saga in itself which sent me around the houses and back to where I started.

I’ve still no idea what was causing the symptoms but the debilitating ones have subsided; I’m currently only experiencing pain in my hands and loss of sensation – that is definitely the cervical stenosis.

Now, on the conflict…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 22nd September

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