2019-39-Category A

2019 – 39 – category A

Category A

Hello friend,

This is one of those blogs that I do not look forward to writing; partly because of how depressing it is for me to repeat the same points over and over again, and partly because it always ends up being this complicated and huge piece of work – in fact, my procastination meant I didn’t even do a ‘Cat A’ blog for last year. Here’s the summary…

The predictability of the mess HMP Wakefield have made of my Cat A reviews would be comforting were it not for the damage they cause. Last year’s Cat A review, much like the previous one (or is it two?) had to be scrapped and started again. It was the usual factual errors and out of date reports. One of the out of date reports had been written 18 months previously and was referring to events from up to 2 1/2 years previously (the reports are meant to cover the previous 12 months only).

It took nearly another year for the postponed Cat A review to take place – astonishing! Despite the best representations I’ve ever had – from Jordans (my appeal solicitor Mark Newby) – the same old ‘cut and paste’ setences were trotted out; although, they had to work a bit harder to justify their decision to keep me as a Cat A prisoner.

So, on the next Cat A review…

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 21st September

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