2019-33-Humanity Reminders

Humanity Reminders

Hello friend,

After the last 3 blogs, you may well ask how I retain my faith in humanity – something I like to call ‘humanity reminders’. One of my regulars is ‘Undercover Boss USA’. I usually catch the last 20-30 minutes after coming back from work. Seeing the joy and emotion from the employees – and sometimes the bossess – when their lives are so dramatically changed by their bossess acts of generosity reminds me that good things can happen to good people. I love it when they are given huge gifts and they go from confusion to disbelief to ecstasy then gratitude. Best of all are the ones whose families are there; sometimes all you get is a ‘squeak’ as they are so overcome with emotion. This show makes me so happy. A humanity reminder.

Aother one is The Voice – kids. I challenge anyone to watch this show and not end up a blubbering wreck.You can tell that these kids adore what they do and are not weighed down by adult ego; even the ones who do not make it through are so humble and grateful for the opportunity. Where does it all go wrong for an adult? Some of their voices… wow you would never imagine some so young could sing with such maturity and emotion. Another humanity reminder which gives joy and hope.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 21st July 2019

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