2019-30-safe custody

2019 – 30 – safer custody

Safer custody

Hello friend,

The Chief Inspector of Prisons recently said that our prisons are “plagued by drugs violence and apalling living coditions,” and that suicides were up by a fifth.

I have an update on this prison’s safety ready to go for a while but I’m pretty certain the management would would not want you to know exactly what has been going on in here over the past 12 months or so; they’ve stopped me from posting previous blogs regarding assaults and safety. What I’m going to do is to look at these issues as a whole and not focus on any one individual assault – there’s been to many, anyway; but first – a dramatic reconstruction.

Imagine, if you will, a world where you cannot step outside your door for fear of being attacked and cannot stay in for fear of the same; a world where your neighbours plot whilst squatting, sweating and straining like a mongrel over a pot with worms – in order to decant the contents of their bowels and bladder over you as you innocently go about your business – in a desperate attempt to increase their status amongst their equally nefarious peers (incidetally, this is called ‘potting’ – which appears to be a new craze in here); a world where the currency to buy illicit items (you know what these are, don’t you?) is measured in PS11s, computer games, DVD players, DVDs, stereos, CDs and vapes (eugh!) stolen from your home in the few minutes it took to have your shower or pick your dinner. Can you imagine this world?

Now, imagine what this would do to your ‘soul’ (presupposing the existence of the soul… which is an altogether a different blog). How would you cope living in this world 24/7 (especially if you were a beautiful and sensitive intellectual (!)? How would you find your own oasis of tranquility in a monochrome world of concrete and steel, living around the feral troops who stalk your street looking for their next target? Really, talk to me… how would you cope over years of this but still retain a semblance of your faith in humanity?

More to follow…
Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 21st July 2019

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