Hello friend,

I forget sometimes just how volatile some of these guys can be; not all of them; and no matter how reasonable you are, trouble has a habit of finding you.

There are two grills in the kitchen. No one is meant to cook meat or even use them to keep their meat warm. I went in to toast some bread. The first grill had 2 dishes of meat in there so I used the other grill. Now, this grill is the temperature of a white dwarf, so bread is toasted in seconds. One of the guys came up to me and indicated that he wanted to put his meat topped cheese omelette under the grill. I told him that I was a vegetarian and that his omelette had meat on it; he said it wasn’t meat, it was chicken; okay, let’s put that idiocy to one side.

I offered to remove my bread so he could melt his cheese and meat; well…talk about over-reaction; the guy flipped out. I let him get on with his tantrum and removed my toast approximately 30 seconds later. That’s how long it took. All he had to do was to wait 30 seconds; all because he didn’t get his own way; his own way being: using the grills for something he was not even allowed to use them for.

Grown men behaving like spoiled children.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 7th March 2018

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