2019-26-Jimmy G CDs

Jimmy G CDs

Hello friend,

I finally got a CD copy of the shows back in March; plus a copy to my mother. The rest of the team also got their copies and a copy to send to a family member.

It was great to listen to the shows again after being so long since we performed them. The first half of the recording was from the first show (the second was from the last show); the first guitar solo I play on the second number has a part which really makes me cringe – very sticky – but then I remembered that I played that first show with no backline and no foldback (no guitar amp and no monitor). I had decided to put the guitar through the effects pedal direct into the PA so the string quartet wouldn’t have my guitar amp in their ears drowning them out. I guess I shouldn’t be overly self-critical – it is just one sticky lick that I played so I guess I didn’t do too badly not being able to hear anything I was playing.

You’d think this is the end of the story, but no. During the written and verbal negotiations that went on, just to obtain these copies, it was always on the table that I could seek the prison’ authorisation to make and send copies to 3rd parties (friends, family, theatre groups/producers, etc.). I made the application; the reply: “…authorisation for family members/friends to copy the Jimmy G CD will not be approved … the establishment would lose full contol of the process.” As they had already told me that they would not do any more copies for me, this is a blanket “no” which, once again, reneges on an agreement we had, and which I signed.

So sorry, to all of my closest and loved friends and family, the prison will not allow me to share this piece of art which some of you inspired directly ad indirectly, and which would never have happened without your continuing support. What a kick in then teeth… eh?

Do I really need to tell you that this issue is far from over; the legalities are being investigated.

Does it feel like to you, as it does to me, that this prison doesn’t want prisoners to aspire to anything over and above minimum wage employment and will do whatever it takes to stop them? Or, is this just about protecting their £60k per year jobs over what is best for the prisoners and – by extension – society?

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 30th June 2019

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