2019-25-Family Day

Family Day

Hello friend,

I was on a family day earlier on this week; it was for the over 50s (!) My mother came to visit. There were only 14 prisoners and their families who attended – nice and quiet.

There are always some little events they put on – quizzes, bingo, guess the number of sweets in a container and a raffle. There was some controversy with the music quiz. They announced a four-way tie for 1st place – all on 17 out of 20. I thought, “uh…we got more than 17,” it was a really easy quiz so I knew we had got 18 or possibly 19 correct. I asked for our answer sheet and whad’ya know – 18/20. By that time they had already handed out prizes to all 4 tables. In the end, we did get a few more treat size sweets – including Toblerone which I have not eaten for well over 16 years – but, we were robbed of our moment of glory(!) and acceptance speech(!) We then came second in the general knowledge quiz and got another box of sweets. I ended up sharing them with the other tables – to many sweets and too much food from the buffet… groan.

We had just under 5 hours on the visit, which was great, but I hope this is the last time my mother makes the 13hour+ round trip. Scotland cannot come too soon.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 30th June 2019

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