2019 – 13 – cough


Hello friend,

This blog (and the next few) continues on the theme of illness; or rather, how this prison is like a ‘virus swamp.’

For the last quarter of last year. I developed this weird coughing illness; I was not the only one. Violent coughing fits in groups of threes punctuated every day and night. At its worst, I was in an unbearable amount of pain; my throat, my intercostal muscles; I even thought I’d broken a rib during one particularly bad coughing fit; CRACK! After 2 months of this relentless bombardment, my back muscles rebelled and layered another level of pain in the form of muscular spasms. It went on for over 3 months.

I’ve till no idea what it was; I don’t think Healthcare knew either. Some of the symptoms were pneumonia-like; I thought at one point I had whooping cough but I later found out I had been innoculated as a child. Although, I did not think it was this, the Norovirus was identified in some prisoners at the end of the year; Legionnaires Disease was found on another wing only a couple of months ago.

There is a theory called ‘sick house syndrome’; if you need any evidence of that, book yourself a room here.

Be happy, be safe (and keep clean).
Graham Coutts, 22nd April 2019

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