2018-72-Heart attack and handcuffs (civil case)

2018 – 72 – heart attack & handcuffs (civil case)

Heart Attack & Handcuffs (civil case)

Hello friend,

Since my last blog (68) the MoJ entered into negotiations with me to settle this case. An offer was made (derisory) which was the same amount paid to another prisoner on this wing after he cut his finger on a metal cage; it was rejected. I made a counter-offer. The MoJ increased their offer considerably. There was a bit of ‘humming and hawing’ on my part but, in the end, I accepted their offer.

Now, I know what you’re thinking but the amount of damages agreed upon was nowhere near what I think I could have won at trial in terms of aggravated damages; however, this agreement now releases me to be transferred to Scotland. Sometimes you’ve just got to look at the bigger picture; plus, anything could have happened at trial.

Unfortunately, I received no costs as they will be offset against the MoJ’s costs in the case which I lost at trial (the destruction of my music files). Talking of costs, here’s an interesting fact: the MoJ’s costs would have topped 50k if we had gone to trial! 50k!!! What is the matter with these people? Five years since my heart attack and nearly 4 years since I issued this claim; why wait until they’ve wasted so much public money to settle this claim. They were never going to go to trial. I would have settled this 4 years ago and saved the public tens of thousands of pounds; this waste of public money is on the MoJ.

That’s 6-2 to me; it would’ve been 7-1 to me had I accepted their offer in the music files case; that was a big mistake. Oh well, live and learn.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 17th December 2018

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