2018 – 71 – transfer


Hello friend,

My last blog on this (2018-51) was back in April; my concern then, as it is now, was that I’d have to share a cell: that concern remains. I have made representations to the Scottish Prison Service and the prison I’ll be going to but to no avail; they just aren’t taking my my concerns seriously.

The only information I’ve been given so far is about ‘supervision levels’ (this is the Scottish equivalent of the English category system), how many bags I can take into the prison (2 plus my guitar and legal stuff but no typewriter) and on visits. Apparently, I will (the SPS put this in bold) have to share a cell and, despite my robust representations regarding medical and other issues, all they are required to provide me with is the bottom bunk! Quite how this will address any of the issues is beyond me; clearly, they think I have misrepresented the situation: disappointing.

The one good bit of news is that my civil cases have concluded (more of that over the next few blogs), which means I am now available to be transferred; this could happen at any moment or I might still be waiting another year or more. I’ll post the address when it happens. It could be the case that the address is posted before this blog: I hope so.

Scotland for Christmas?

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 4th November 2018

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