2018 – 70 – appeal


Hello friend,

As I don’t seem to be making much inroads catching up with my blogs (I’ve got 86 to type up!), I’m going to combine the last 4 months by thread subject and give a concise update on each, here goes…

Back in June, we got the advice from counsel regarding the ‘police on the jury’ point; despite the ECHR ruling in another similar ‘police on the jury’ case (which went on to have their convictions quashed at the Court of Appeal), the advice was not positive. We are now looking at taking my case to the ECHR and a domestic avenue which we may be able to go down.

The disappointing advice really knocked my hope and optimism. For the first time, I started thinking that maybe this mess I’m in would not be unraveled; I wouldn’t have my conviction quashed; I’d would be spending 26 years or more in prison; I would be in my 60s before being released. These were not helpful thoughts and, albeit for a short time, spiralling me into a bit of a mood dip; however, as is my want, I took a step back to my usual positive fighting spirit.

This has been further bolstered by having some really positive conversations and correspondence with my solicitors regarding the other appeal grounds, the plan for the ‘police on the jury’ ground, new possible grounds, and some potential additions to the appeal team outside of my solicitors. In fact, right now, I’m feeling as hopeful and positive as I’ve ever felt about winning this appeal.

Life can turn on a sixpence… watch this space.
Graham Coutts, 22nd September 2018

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