2018-68-Heartt Attack & Civil Case – Cuffs

Heart Attack & Cuffs (civil case)

Hello friend,

(see blog 53) So this disclosure of Information Reports (IPs) from 2013: I was going to meticulously break down each false piece of information but I can’t be bothered. How many times have I done this already? You get it, right? A result of the paranoia and indoctrination, virtually every IR staff have submitted about me is useless; worse than useless, it builds a false picture of who I am and convinces other staff who read it to add further useless IRs; layer after layer. ‘No smoke without fire?’ Well, in this case , they’ve created smoke from nothing.

Why was I removed from my job as an education mentor in 2013: it appears, as I have always maintained, I did nothing wrong. I was removed because of my alleged “corrupting skills/history”; by Security, of course. Interesting that that they use the words “skills” and “history”. No elaboration on what these skills are, what this history is, who I have allegedly corrupted and to what end.

It is disappointing that the person who submitted this IR has allowed themselves to be brainwashed by these people who are clearly driven by paranoia; to the extent that they now have ‘concerns about my agenda’. Trust is like a brittle twig: once it’s snapped, it can never be mended.

I want to feel angry about this but all I feel is sadness. You have to pity people who live their life unable to have any faith in humanity; unable to trust anyone. This may be down to a lack of empathy, past experiences of having their trust broken, or maybe this prevailing attitude is more a reflection of their own lack of honesty; they only see themselves.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 7th August 2018

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