2018 – 55 – safety


Hello friend,

Finally, a doctor who actually gives a damn. It’s very often the case that when you see one of the rotating doctors in here they haven’t even bothered looking at your file on the computer system before you walk through their door; in fact, often they don’t even know why the appointment has been made. There have been some great doctors, some who appear to have no motivation, and some who are nothing but incompetent.

The doctor I saw a couple of weks ago not only knew why I was there but also had read my file. As we got the (not this serious) ankle injury out of the way, she asked me if there was anything else; as a matter of fact… Well, she was already on the same page: my angina.

Finally, someone who is taking my unstable angina seriously. She intuitively recognised that I had lost all confidence in the cardiologist who had been dealing with me and arranged for a telemeds consultation with a new cardiologist. That has lifted so much anxiety.

Hopefully, some form of investigation into the causes will now take place.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 25th April 2018

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