2018 – 53 – heart attack & handcuffs (civil case)

Heart Attack & Handcuffs (civil case)

Hello friend,

I got my witness statement drafted; it took about 13 hours! I will be so glad when this case is over; it’ll be 5 years in October since this incicdent.

More interestingly, despite putting in writing that the MoJ couldn’t find the documents they were ordered by the court to disclose in full(see blog 35) on the date of witness statement exchange, they disclosed a swathe of previously redacted documents. This included risk assessments, security information reports and other evidence which will support my case.

I’ve only given it all a quick scan but it appears like the previous redactions were covered up evidence which support my case and adversely affects theirs. This is not just dishonest but also unlawful; and this the Ministry of Justice, what does that tell you about British ‘justice’.

There are also further security information reports from 2013, which were not included in the original disclosure. Y’know, you really want to trust staff in here, especially when they convince you to do so, but all they do is betray that trust.To say that I feel let down and disappointed is an understatement.

Once I’ve given everything a good read I’ll fill you in with some specifics of their mendaciousness (look that one up, blondie)

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts,25th April 2018

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