2018-5-Arts Project

Arts Project – 2018 – 5

Hello friend,

The deadlock might soon be at an end. The Musican in Residence saw me; he’s going to mix the CDs himself. His manager’s manager told him there should be no problem bringing the files back in to the prison; CDs a go-go.

It’s a similar story for editing the DVD. We can, apparently, do it in the Print Shop; we just need the files transferred.

The Writer in Residence is also on the case; he’s also the guy who deals with Koestler Trust competition entries and an enthusiastic advocate. He’s going to be speaking to the No.1 Governor; who, incidentally, still hasn’t replied to the list of things we need to complete the project (this was the list he asked me to do). Unusual for him not to get back quickly.

I’ve also written to Inside Time. Initially, it was just going to be a letter filling in the gaps in the review, such as, the contribution prisoners made to the project; however, it turned into a 5 page article on ‘How to Produce a Rock Opera in Prison’. I also included a number of comments prisoners made on their feedback forms (although, I’m still to receive the comments from outside visitors). I seem to have mislaid the comments print out (unusual for me) but I’ll post some on the next Arts Project blog.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 14th January 2018

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