Hello friend,

Okay I’ll admit it: Iset myself a near impossible set of targets. As the time spent on all 3 languages grew (up to 5 hours a day), the screenplay and guitar practice suffered. Then I had to do my witness statement in my civil case; plus, I spent a month feeling really unwell with the angina or, should I say, ill from using the GTN spray; headaches,nausea, drowsiness and difficulty with memory and thought processing. Due to all of this, I lost a month on all projects; however, I’m up and running again.

I’ve realised that the project plan is always going to be in a state of flux; I will constantly assess and adapt to reach my goals. The guitar project is taking a back seat but I’m going to go back to ‘band night’ just to keep my hand in. The screenplay will only be worked at weekends. This leaves me the whole week working on languages; I’ve now got a 300+ word vocabularly in both Polish, Spanish and German; although, its probably 400+ words. I think I’ve cracked how to juggle multiple languages learning which will allow me to start up French in the next week or so ; then it’ll be Norwegian. I may stop at 5 languages for the year, we’ll see.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 15th Appril 2018

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