2018-44-Arts Project

2018-44-arts project

Arts Project

Hello friend

Wow! I’ve not written a blog in over a month; lots going on…

Due to the most unpleasantness (see blogs 32 & 37), I submitted a complaint to the No. 1 Governor; I request (again) a copy of my score and a CD of the show recordings. His reply:

“…you should be provided with a copy of the written score you created as a contribition to the performance. However audio and visual recordings are not your property and are not for wider distribution. The intention was to capture the performance to allow performers to view the same at a later date…”

In case there was any confusion, the project governor then sent me a memo saying that my request for a CD copy had been denied (I did, 6 months after the shows, finally get a copy of my score).

Well, we’ve beeen hoodwinked, as have the Arts Council. I would never have agreed to do the shows were it not for the fact that we were going to get a CD of the performance. This was discussed with the No.1 at the start and further agreed, on several occasions, by the then project manager with the performance team; now they pull this stunt.

I now feel very foolish that I trusted these people; yuo’d think I’d learnt from 15 years experienced that they have no honour.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 10th April 2018

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