2018-42-dying in prison

2018-42-dying in prison

Dying in Prison

Hello friend,

Not exactly a light subject but here goes…

One of my biggest fears is dying in prison. You do not want to get ill in here as you will [ironically, I typed up to this point of the blog and had to go down to healthcare because the angina I have been experiencing recently went a little nuts today; ECG done, pain subsided, but no further action taken.] not get the same level of care as you would ouside; even though they are legally obligated to provide it. I’ve known many prisoners who have died in prison: illness; accident; old age; suicide; and even homicide.

What really bothers me are the guys who you see getting more ill whilst not receiving the necessary healthcare. In fact, one of those guys died yesterday. I had several conversations with him about how unwell he was and the treatment, or lack of, he was receiving. I’ll be contacting the Ombudsman.

I wonder if this is what I’ve got to look forward to.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 9th March 20

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