2018-41-Cell Search

2018-41-cell search

Cell Search

Hello friend,

As a Category A prisoner, I get my cell searched every month. Over the past (nearly) 15 years, this equates to almost 200 cell searches: plus, the extra targeted and lockdown searches, which occasionally happen. I’m someone who just gets on with it so (unsurprisingly) I have never had any prohibited article in my possession; yet, they keep giving me this pointless search. Incidentally, that’s also 200+ strip searches; plus, those I get on visits and being escorted out or in to a prison.

So this is the new system some bright spark has brought in: on unlock, first thing in the morning, the officers don’t unlock the Cat A who is about to be searched; they finish unlock and then come back. One might reasonably imagine that, by not unlocking that prisoner, he will know that he is about to get a search and dispose of any prohibited article before the officers return.

This all seems rather obvious to me, so it begs the question: why is this prison now forewarning these guys of their imminent search? It does mean less paperwork, right?

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 9th March 2018

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