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The prison have a legal obligation to photocopy legal documents for a prisoner. It’s quite a convoluted system involving application and bags; thankfully, no-one follows the correct procedure, it would take too long.

Unfortunately, we have to pay 10 pence per copy. This is what would happen if I only wanted 1 copy: I’d have to fill in a cash disbursement, the officer would have to process it and send to finance, finance would have to process it and debit the 10p from the prisoners account. The true cost of 1 copy ie 0.001 pence for a sheet of recycled paper (the ink comes as part of the contract).

How much does it cost for the prison to pay for the administration of processing these disbursements; and therefore, how much do they lose? My point is simply, why bother charging a prisoner for a few sheets if it’s going to cost them more to process than the amount they charge for the copying?

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 9th March 2018

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