Projects – 2018 – 4

Hello friend,

Well, all my projects are going swimingly well; I know, we’re only 2 weeks in to the new year.

Guitar fingerstyle: 3 numbers learnt, a 4th started. I’ve just got to get the articulation and speed back.

Screenplay: nearly re-read ‘Writing Screenplays That Sell’ (Michael Hague); lots of notes made, some scenes and dialogue written. It’s early days. I’ve given myself a year to complete; there will be lots of rewrites along the way.

Languages: started the first 3; Polish, Spanish and German. I’ve ordered a load of language books and a CD courses. Daily practice; it’s all sinking in and I’m well ahead of my targets.

Doing this sort of stuff eally makes me happy! I know…

Graham Coutts, 14th January 2018

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