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I wanted to call this blog ‘baguette’ but as it’s linked to safety…

On a friday lunchtime we get baguettes and one of a few different fillings. Today, there was a notice saying that ‘for security reasons’ they had been removed; this must be a joke, right? I asked the officer why and was told that a ‘shiv’ had been found hidden in one.

Yeh, one prisoner has been caught doing this so let’s stop serving baguettes to the other 700+ prisoners who are going to eat them. That’ll solve the problem, right? It’s not as if there’s a 1001 other places these people can hide various unauthorised articles.

To be clear, I’m using post-modern irony to highlight another knee-jerk, risk-averse, paranoia-fuelled decision.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 9th March 2018

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