2018-35-Heart Attack & amp; Handcuffs (civil case)

Heart Attack & Handcuffs (civil case)

Hello friend,

After the hearing (see blog 2018-17), I was expecting the MoJ to disclose the security reports and disciplinary files in unredacted form. I got neither. The GLD sent me a letter saying that their client had conducted a “reasonable and proportionate search” but couldn’t find the security files. Here we go again.

I called the GLD: it rurns out that the person who had redacted the security reports was one of their solicitors who had now retired; not the doddery old guy implied by their barrister at the hearing. This means that the GLD had and, therefore, must still have the unredacted security files. In addition, these files are computer based; not some easily ‘lost’ bits of paper. They could be printed off at a touch of a button. Once again, they’ve been caught out attempting to conceal evidence which will support my case.

As this is the second Court Order the MoJ have failed to follow. I have written to the District Judge requesting that he make an order (against the MoJ) for’contempt in the face of the court’.

I’ve said it on more than one occasion: how can we have a fair justice system, for all, when the government department who run it are so institutionally corrupt?

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 8th March 2018

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