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Following on from the last blog: all of that overindulging and lack of exercise has led to me re-developing angina. In mid-November I could blast through a 40 minute Insanity workout; to the point of exhaustion but at least with no chest pain. I only took 6 weeks off and I now cannot do 3 minutes without getting some seriously bad angina pain. The most continous exercise I’ve done this year is 10 minutes (I’ve got the Max 30 workout, now); although, I still exercise 5 days a week, albeit in a lot of pain for most of the workout.

I had a cardiologist referral yesterday. As soon as I told him I had stopped taking the variety of medication he had prescribed he switched off; the side-effects were awful and my quality of life was significantly compromised. What got rid of the original post-angioplasty angina was following the Ornish Diet. The cardiologist was so condescending: “Well, if you’re convinced that it works…” Mmm… loads of angina on his medication; I come off it and follow the Ornish Diet and the angina disappears; I stop following the Ornish Diet and the angina reappears. Anectdotal, but compelling.

This was the cardiologist who was suggesting a pacemaker or the, very medieval and painful, ablation operation, after I developed atrial fibrillation; which has never re-occured (thankfully, I didn’t take his advice); and, put me on beta -blockers; me, someone who has bradycardia (slow pulse) with a heart rate in the 40’s. My heart rate dropped to 35bpm; the paramedics wanted to blue light me to the hospital as I could’ve gone into cardiac arrest!

So what’s the deal? Is he just going to wait until I have another heart attack? Is he getting a kickback from the pharmaceutical companies for prescribing their poison, which, incidentally, doesn’t increase longevity as patients die from other ailments, like stroke, which develop due to the side-effects.

I’m going over my half page maximum to make this point: women of a certain age can get breast cancer scans and cervical smears; why do people who have heart attacks and a propensity to develop arterial plaques not get regular tests (Cardiac CT Scans or MRI scans) to deal with any artery problems before they have another heart attack; which, of course, could be fatal?

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 8th March 2018

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