2018-19-Organ Donor

018-19-organ donor

Hello friend,

A little while ago I submitted an application to Healthcare requesting information on becoming an organ donor (this is something I have been since my teens but my registration may have lapsed); they told me prisoners could not be organ donors. Hello, I sense a battle on the horizon.

True to form, I ignored this and have sent my registration application to the NHS’s transplant servces. I’ll be informing the prison of the situation once my registration is confirmed. If they give me any problems I will, of course, challenge their decision.

I’m also investigating the possibility of becoming a living donor. The one thing is giving me pause is: what if I donate one of my kidneys but, later, a family member needs a kidney? I’ll only have one left!

This willl be an interesting journey and, no doubt, will involve a battle with th system.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 11th February 2018

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