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Last year, I blogged about staff stealing prisoners’ food (blog: 120); that was 5 months ago. Some of those staff have moved to other wings but one of the main offenders is still on this wing and stealing. She has a drawer in the wing staff room which she fills up with milk, biscuits and other ‘goodies’.

The prison must be aware of this as my blogs get read by staff before being mailed. What does this tell you about a prison who allows its staff to conduct thenselves in this manner; conduct which is nothing short of criminal.

In the interest of fairness; nearly all of the wing cleaning officers are honest and hard-working; this member of staff undermines all their good work.

What is it with some people who put on a uniform and their sense of entitlement?

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 3rd February 2018

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