2018-10-Arts Project

2018 – 10 – arts project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

An interesting, if ultimately disappointing week.

I had a meeting with the project Governor and a manager below him (see last blog,ir dated 26/09/17. I’ve lost count of the amount of times management have said to me “we support this project” after weeks and months of giving no support and only meeting with me after the No. 1 Governor has instructed them to do so.

The Governor had been told, by person/s unknown, that I was suing another prisoner and claiming full copyright on every piece of work that other prisoners had contributed. Even if this had been my intention, legally, it wouldn’t be possible. My motivation for doing the project had always been to unlock the potential of the participants and expose them and the wider prison community to the sheer joy of the performing arts.

It reaaly saddened me to hear such a scurrilous piece of misinformation and that these managers had given credence to it; another layer of unpleasantness added to something which should have been a positive and wonderful experience for all involved. The past 4 months wasted because they never took it upon themselves to ask me if their information was correct.

Then the manager attempted to throw the blame at the Musician in Residence’s feet. Really cowardly. That manager was in charge; take resposibility. On the face of it, we managed to work through the issues and we can now move the final parts of the project forward; time will tell.

Unfortunately, the Governor has a thing about “chain of command.” This means, just to get a copy of my score, the one the No.1 had already authorised and the Governor in the meeting had authorised, I have to go through the Musician in Residence, who refers the matter to the manager, who then will email the Print Shop instructor. This overly complicated approach will suck out time and resources; why not just tell the Print Shop instrutor direct (especially as they both spoke about this a couple of days ago). It’s so ridiculous.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 28th January 2018

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