2017-97-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

The theatre actor/director came in again this week. He wanted to see the whole piece in action. It was still ragged but we did a pretty good job; got through all but 3 of the songs. Not bad. It’s not where I’d hoped we’d be at this stage but we’re getting some extra rehearsals.

We’ve got the Geese Theatre Company booked to come in August for a couple of performance workshops. Sounds like a lot of fun to me but I think 1or 2 of the guys might feel a little nervous about the prospect. Project Instrumental are also booked as a string quartet for all 4 performances (which we’ve now got back); and the recording company, Stretch, are also booked. Their idea is to come in on some of the rehearsals as well, interview the participants, and edit it together with the performances as a documentary (for internal use only). How jolly exciting.

We’ve (me and the 2 other guys on my wing) also been able to start working with one of the other singers on 2, 3 and 4 part harmonies at the weekend. When we nail them he gets very enthused and excited. Given that he’s about 6’ 5”, a giant of a man; it’s a very amusing sight to see.

The choir rehearsals continue. Unfortunately, due to the issues earlier on in the year (see earlier blogs); I’m having to cut down the number of parts they are singing on as the time we have left is not enough. It’s a real shame but that’s the consequence of staff taking action and making decisions when they are not in possession of the full facts.

I finally finished the main parts I had to score (vocals and rhythm guitar); phew! What a mad rush that’s been to catch up; also due to being obstructed by staff. The string arrangements are also nearly done by another prisoner. Some of his ideas are way out there (lots of dissonance) but I really like what this has brought to each number. I’m going to be so excited when we have our rehearsal with Project Instrumental.

Be happy; be safe (I’m too excited to think of anything pithy and profound).

Graham Coutts, 14th July 2017

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