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Somewhat disappointing news: IPSO didn’t uphold my complaints against The Metro and The Daily Star. In both cases, they say that because I had mentioned HMP Edinburgh and the view, the papers had not “failed to take care to avoid publishing inaccurate, misleading or distorted information.” Also, despite expressing their concern, IPSO did not feel that where I was quoted as saying that HMP Edinburgh was my “my top choice” (a fabricated quote) it was “not significantly misleading.”

I was appalled with this decision. These 2 papers (and 2 others) distorted the words in my blog and fabricated a quote to construct a story which would parody the scene in Silence of the Lambs where Hannibal Lecter negotiates for a “room with a view;” something the Independent Press Standards Organisation have condoned. Standards?

Was then given a small sidebar from the Sunday Sun based on one of my recent blogs. Firstly, really? How slow must that news day have been? Secondly, how lazy do you have to be to get all the salient facts wrong? They wouldn’t even have had to type very much; it’s all on the blog.

I wrote a poem once called ‘The Ghouls of Fleet Street;’ my opinion has remained unchanged.

Be happy, be safe (and make sure you swim near the surface to avoid the bottom feeders).
Graham Coutts, 22nd July 2017

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