2017-93-Heartt Attacks and Handcuffs

Heart Attack & Handcuffs

Hello friend,

This was the first of 3 positives this week. I had the oral hearing to renew my application for permission to appeal the case management decision to give summary judgement against the Article 3 parts of my case (phew, long sentence).

I’d spent the previous day preparing for the hearing which involved me collating all the supporting parts of the cases, I realised just how far my case exceeds the minimum requirement. There’s not just one Article 3 breach but 6! I went into the hearing with more than a little confidence.

Initially, it felt like the Judge did not think my case reached the level required but bit by bit, case law by case law, I could see his opinion change. Even so, he kept the pressure on by asking challenging questions; presumably to find holes in my arguments. I think, with the mountain of supporting case law, it would have been difficult to dismiss my application; so, I was given permission to appeal.

Now I have a mad rush to get a replacement skeleton argument drafted and served, with all the relevant legal authorities, within 14 days. Then an indexed and paginated appeal bundle. If you’ve never represented yourself, you would not believe the amount of work you have to put in at every point of the proceedings.

I’ll have an appeal hearing on the next available date after 14th August.

Be happy, be safe (and remember that success is rarely found without determination and hard work).
Graham Coutts, 1st July 2017

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