2017- 90 -Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

The rehearsal was a tale of two halves. On the down side, the sound was awful and the songs were littered with mistakes from all of us; plus, another bit of conflict right at the very end; a frustrated musician who wasn’t getting his part right.

On the up side, we got through the first 8 songs with only a few stops to tighten parts. Had we more than the hour (we had longer than usual meeting with Governor[…] we could’ve got through half the set; which we intend to do next week.

I also did a plan to complete the scoring. It’s given me a lot more focus as the plan has identified just how little time I have. It has meant a lot of late nights this week and more to follow; however, I can now see the finish line, which has lifted a lot of pressure. I’m starting to look forward to the performance again.

Be happy, be safe (and don’t sleep your life and your potential away).

Graham Coutts, 23rd June 2017

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