2017-89-Nerve Damage

Nerve Damage

Hello friend,

I’m waiting to get further tests. (See blogs 14 & 42)

Meantime, the PPO has been ‘investigating’ my complaint regarding the prison’s refusal to provide me with protection for my right wrist when applying handcuffs. I submitted this complaint on 11th July 2016; that’s over 11months I’ve had to wait for their decision. Whilst they’ve upheld my complaint, for the 11months wait, their letter is a real disappointment.

Firstly, the text just fills 1 side of A4. Not much of an investigation. Two paragraphs vaguely summarise the handcuffs protocols for emergencies and planned escorts. 1 paragraph contained an apology for the delay, 1 paragraph summarises my complaint, 2 summarises the communication between the PPO and one of the Security Custody Manager and 1 paragraph upholds my complaint; 11months!

So, what exactly have the PPO done in terms of upholding my complaint? Security are allowing a “small piece of tubi-grip” to be used to protect my wrist. I’ve known of this agreement for some time; not because a member of staff told me but from my medical file which was disclosed to me. This was not offered to me when I went for my nerve conductivity test; ironically, it’s also hard to see how a thin piece fabric will protect my wrist from the hammering it will get from the large, clunky D-cuffs. Did the PPO question this? Based on the lack of detail in their letter, it doesn’t look likely.

If a dog had been shackled for days, causing injury and pain, the RSPCA would undoubtedly get involved. Criminal charges may even get brought against the owner. Yet, in the 21st century, it appears to be okay for human beings to be treated in this way and for the perpetrators to get away with it by offering a small piece of tubi-grip.

At point will the PPO wake up to the real truth of what goes on in these places. What is the thought process? “A piece of tubi-grip, you say? Fantastic. That’ll placate the complainant and it’ll be another investigation I can strike of the list.

Hopefully, I’ll only have to suffer these damaging handcuffs twice more: hospital trip and transfer to Scotland. At least until any possible appearance at the Court of Appeal and any future retrial.

Be happy, be safe (and don’t keep animals caged, locked up or shackled, they feel emotional and physical pain; just like us).
Graham Coutts, 16th June 2017

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