Hello friend,

Rule 24 (2) of the Prison Rules 1999 provides:

“The food provided shall be wholesome, nutritious, well prepared and served, reasonably varied and sufficient in quantity.”

This was served last Friday to the vegans:

Breakfast 1 x small packet of cereal

Lunch 1 x baguette
2 x veg sausages
½ tomato
teaspoon of mushrooms
4 x slices bread
1 x piece of fruit

Dinner (baguette pizza)
1 x baguette
Spread of tomato puree
8 x thin slice of veg sausage
2 x thin slice of tomato
4 x thin slice of mushroom

Wholesome? Nutritious? Well prepared? Reasonably varied? Sufficient in quantity? Okay, you could also have a small quantity of chips or boiled potatoes withy mushy peas; but even then, does it meet Rule 24(2)? These quantities are what you would feed a small child; who would later go on to develop malnutrition.

Be happy, be safe (and treat yourself to a nice meal tonight; I would…if I could).

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