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The Metro have come back to IPSO with another proposed article corrections; however, they have changed little and still not admitted that they included falsely attributed quotes and/or claims. Also, still no proper apology to my family. This will have to go to IPSO’S Committee to adjudicate, along with the Daily Star.

There is still the matter of the Scottish Sun, who never replied to my complaint; I think we’ll wait until after these 2 newspapers are dealt with. I say this as I’ve now received the original article which was published by The Mirror online. It’s virtually a facsimile of the subsequent articles but with addition of references to my 2 civil cases. Another complaint.

What was a little ironic was the journalist, Stian Alexander, referring to my blog as “ramblings”. I hate to burst your bubble, Stian, you’re not a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist; you work for a low-brow tabloid. Further, your article was no more than a collection of cut and paste sound bites from previous articles. Rambling?

If I may proffer some advice: if you don’t raise the standard of your writing, this is as good as your career is going to get; get out there, do some proper investigative journalism as opposed to sitting at your computer, trawling the internet, throwing together disparate pieces of questionable information together with a generous helping of childish insults. This type of journalism is a remnant of the past and is no longer relevant in the 21st century. If you are still wondering where your readership went, look no further.

Speaking of irrelevant, I also received a copy of the Sun’s ‘Monsters of Rock’ article. Maybe only 4/10 for predictability of the headline. Although, as this article was taken from the Sunday People, they may not have even bothered to come up with their own headline. There are inaccuracies of course, but I’m not sure if there are grounds for a complaint yet. I need to examine them more closely. I’ll let you know.

What is troubling is the fact that their article could lead to the arts project being pulled. There is an election and so any negative publicity might influence decisions at a ministerial level. If this were to happen, then all The Sunday People and The Sun have succeeded in doing is preventing a proven avenue of rehabilitation. That’s right, folks, they don’t want prisoners to be rehabilitated…what would they have to write about?

Check out other prisoner’s blogs about the power The Arts have to change people’s lives for the better:

www. adammac.co.uk/2014/01/27/save-the-arts/

Be happy, be safe (and support those who want to change their lives and others for the better).
Graham Coutts, 2nd June 2017

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