2017-8-BH month

Black History Month Concert

Hello friend

A little catch-up on my musical activities during the latter part of last year.

I recklessly suggested that we do a concert for Black History Month. I say recklessly as we only had about 4 weeks to put a band and a set together. It ended up being more than a little stressful.

Next to no rehearsal time , dissention in the ranks, and grumblings from some black guys about the band being all white (apart from the last number); we can only work with what we’ve got.

Nonetheless, the set was well received; despite a little ragged. We decided to chart the evolution of 20th century black music by performing a song from blues to jazz to rock’n’roll to soul and reggae.

For the next BHM we hope to have more notice so we can put together a full on soul review. Music Atlantic, Stax and Motown. (of course other races of musicians, producers, record labels, managers and technology, also played their part in this.)

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 22nd January 2017.

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