Hello friend, My 44th blog this year was stopped by Security for containing “information which is known or believed to be false .” Blog no. 64 and 65 also address these issues.

In an effort to ensure complete accuracy, the following is taken from the Enabling Environment minutes which were displayed on the wing:

“… there has [sic] been a number of incidents over the past few months where
Prisoners had to be resuscitated by Emergency medical staff after taking spice.”

You need to look no further to explain most of the recent unpleasantness at this prison. I repeat my question from my previous blog: how is this drug getting into prison? Staff or prisoner? And, why have Security not gotten this problem under control? I know from my own recent experiences on visits that it would be impossible for a prisoner to receive and conceal this substance; cameras, staff observation, searches for visitors and prisoners, sniffer dogs, etc.

That rules out prisoners.

Be happy, be safe (denial is their world, though will disagree)

Graham Coutts, 21st May 2017

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