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Well, what do you know? The Sex Offenders Treatment Program has been scrapped. “But, why?” I hear you cry. “It was so successful at bringing down recidivism.” Really? Not the reports I’ve read. How many millions over how many years have been wasted on this supposed panacea for sex crime? Well, at least the psychologists all bought nice, big and expensive houses.

What they’ve actually done is brought in 2 other courses to replace the SOPT. Just ask yourself this: would they have done that if the SOPT was working? The reality is that sex offenders as a group have one the lowest rates of recidivism but spend much longer in prison than most other groups of offenders. I’m not making any personal point to this; just laying out the facts.

Good money after bad.

Be happy, be safe (and refrain from making that smug “I told you so” face)

Graham Coutts, 21st May 2017

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