2017-7-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

The second rehearsal went as well as the first; another 2 songs learnt. That’s a quarter of the set in 2 weeks. Although, to be fair, we still have to nail the links between the songs, tighten everything up, and get the guitar and keyboard sounds better.

I want to deconstruct some of the numbers and perform them in a different genre. It’s too easy to fall into a narrow concept; write the song on an acoustic and play it with a band in conventionally ‘rock’. I’d like at least one of the songs to end up dark and electronic; think Kraftwork combined with Nick Cave. However, so far there is an upbeat ‘sunshine’ number which goes into a short reggae part, a country-rock number, a power pop number which has a samba section, a modern folk number, and a Brit-rock with grunge-esque chorus.

We also had the addition this week of a guy on percussion and one of the singers/performers. We should have 3 more next week. There are 5 singing parts, so that leaves one left to cast. It could be problematic as it is a female singing part. I have this awful nightmarish vision of having to get one of the guys to drag-up for the part; I keep imagining Gloria from ‘It ain’t Half Hot Mum’.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 21st January 2017

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