2017-68-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

A great rehearsal this week. I think this was partly due to both me and the other guitarist using smaller amps. We’ve been using 2 Marshall 2×12 combos; very loud, even when quiet. The other guitarist used a Vox combo, nice. I ended up with this tiny Fender amp. It looked like a practice amp. Maybe an 8” speaker? Initially, I wasn’t sure; it changed the effects going through the Boss pedal board; however, by the end of the session, I liked it. It meant that we could hear the words the singers were singing.

We also had a former theatre actor and director in to assist. He’s volunteered to help out. Nice guy with alternative ideas. He’s coming back in July to work on the performances with the guys. We’ve only got another 8 weeks to nail the set.

Governor […] turned up to give us an update: he may have located some headset mics for us to use on a temporary loan. This would great.

Be happy, be safe (and be open to trying out alternative methods).

Graham Coutts, 16th May 2017

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