Hello friend,

I should know better by now…even the most simple of actions turns into a saga here.

So, clearing the GLD telephone numbers; I spoke to a Custody Manager about the urgency in clearing these numbers for me to use (the trial is coming up on 10th May). She told me to fill in an application and she will get it fast tracked. This I did immediately.

Every day for over a week I dialled the numbers expecting them to have been cleared, but no. I then spent several days trying to find out what was going on; Security had no record of my application. My mistake was giving the application to a CM who has a reputation for not doing what she says she is going to do. Only 3 possibilities here; laziness, incompetence or malice. What else could it be?

I am still unable to call the GLD.

Be happy, be safe (and choose your door wisely)

Graham Coutts, 30th April 2017

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