2017 – 6 Arts Project

2017 – 6 – arts project

Arts Project

Hello friend

Regular readers of my blog will already know that I’ve been trying to get the green light to put on a performance of a rock opera that I wrote. ‘The 4 lives of Jimmy G.’ Well, we got the go ahead and we’ve been planning sets, costumes, digital projections, programmes, a post-performance book, and a graphic novel of the story. Pretty ambitious, huh?

We do need some funding to bridge the gap between what the prison is providing and the ‘wish-list’ of component parts to the performance. So, anyone reads this with any ideas…

However, even if we don’t do the full ‘bunting and tinsel’ version there will still be a performance of the piece. We had our first rehearsal last Thursday. I could hardly contain my joy; it went so well. We nailed the first 3 numbers straight off the bat. Even though the band is made up of the best musicians in here, they hadn’t heard the songs before I ran through them; so good job band! I’m so excited about this project.

We also have the prison choir taking part and an outside string orchestra (Project Instrumental) having expressed their interest in being involved. I’m having a lot of late nights right now; scoring out the various parts. Fortunately, we have just got Sibelius (scoring software) in the Print Shop; I can at least print off some professional looking scores as opposed to my scrawly hand written ones.

I’ll try to give you an update on progress each week. We’ve got another 38 rehearsals before doing 4 performances over 2 days in September. This could be a lifetime opportunity.

Be happy, be safe.

Graham Coutts, 15th January 2017.

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  • Its Angela, i have to say that i was quite shocked that you didnt answer my comment especially since i was actually trying to show you some support. Anyway good luck and bye.

    • Hi Angela,
      I have replied to your previous comment, (see home page). Apologies if you have not seen it. Thank you for your support, it is always good to get supportive comments.
      Kind Regards Graham.

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