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Arts Project

Hello friend,

So, the next day (Friday afternoon) Governor […] came to the wing to discuss the various issues. He opened with being “disappointed” that I felt the project was not being supported. I’m not sure why he would think this when there has been little or no communication and we have had 15 weeks of rehearsals and only seen one manager, once, over 12 weeks ago. Meetings have been cancelled with me, occasional meetings have been had without me being invited, the choir and scoring issues had still not been resolved weeks later and memos have not had replies. How else could we feel but unsupported?

He went on to tell me that they were supportive of the project and work had been done behind the scenes. Unfortunately, what had been done was very little over 4 months and certainly not enough to drive the project forwards; plus, they had gone about it the wrong way round. I wish they had spoken to me before making decisions based on incomplete or misleading information (he was told by certain parties that I was spending 100% of my time working on the project in the Print Shop).

He next told me that the choir suspension had been resolved several weeks ago. Really? That was news to me because no one, including himself, had informed me of this. No communication and more time wasted.

He felt the project was still viable and asked me to think about what needed doing to turn it round. He arranged to meet with me the next day (Saturday afternoon). I spent an hour putting a list together and put off some important legal work to free up my time to meet with him. You know where this going, right? I waited…and waited…and waited…no Governor […]. I don’t need to paint a picture for you to imagine what sort of mood I was in by the end of the afternoon. At that point the project was back to being pulled.

Read on, there are more twists to this saga.

Be happy, be safe (because life is nothing but unpredictable).

Graham Coutts, 23rd April 2017

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