2017 – 53 – Events Management

Events’ Management Group

Hello friend,

Due to the mismanagement of the arts project and the treatment of the guys who have put so much work into it, I found that my position on the Events’ Management Group was no longer tenable; I stood down.

It’s not just the arts project; there have been a number of events which failed due to the apathy of the staff. When you keep seeing the work you do go down the drain you start to question the point of the EMG. It’s the equivalent of digging a series of holes and being told to fill them in again. As a prisoner who gets paid £14.47 per week, there has got to be something more to a job than the pitiful wage; such as, self-improvement and a sense of achievement.

Like so many other prison groups, the apathy of staff has turned the EMG into a quango.

Be happy, be safe (and remember that the time you have is not infinite and should not be wasted on people who waste your time).

Graham Coutts, 23rd April 2017

2 Comments on "2017 – 53 – Events Management"

  • Many prison officers these days are often reject wannabees of more glamorous professions like eg the police force. Lack of academic ability can sometimes affect the behaviour of these people, making them petty. I have always found it prudent to ignore these types.

    • Hi Angela,
      Your comment is once again incisive and well thought out. In the interest of balance, most of the front line prison officers are alright, it’s most of the middle management that have no interest in the job. I think part of the problem is that they can hide away in their office and know one really knows what they do and what they get done. They end up being ineffective; reduced to being no more than admin.
      I am always interested in hearing your thoughts.
      Take care, Graham

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