2017-52-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

Where to start, where to start? It certainly has been an interesting week. So, by this week’s rehearsal I still hadn’t had a reply from the No. 1 Governor and no-one had come to discuss the various issues. I took the decision to pull the plug on the whole project. The band and performers were, of course, disappointed but were mostly united with the decision.

Another issue was the Arts Council application: I had spent a lot of hours putting it together, and I mean a lot of hours, and it still hadn’t been submitted several weeks later. Any chance we may have of getting funding will have evaporated. I was also going to apply to PRS For Music for funding but, given the lack of urgency applied to the Arts Council application, there is zero chance of it being submitted before the 8th May deadline. No funding severely limits what we can or cannot do and what outside support we can employ, such as Project Instrumental (string orchestra), Stretch (sound and image recording) and the Geese Theatre Company (performance workshops). More work down the drain. One of the guys questioned if the submission of the application had been blocked by the staff that had been sabotaging this project.

Be happy, be safe (and shake it off).
Graham Coutts, 23rd April 2017

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