2017-46-Arts Project

Arts Project

Another week lost in the ether of time. Still had no-one come to discuss the various issues: something the Deputy Governor looked surprised about as she had spoken to the departmental governor. So, we had a 90 minute meeting on the rehearsal morning to discuss whether or not it was worth continuing. Some of the guys want to continue; even if it turns out to be a gig where none of the audience is able to follow the narrative. However, most of the guys don’t think it’s worth doing without sets, costumes and the string orchestra. I proposed an arts project, the No. 1 Governor authorised an arts project not a gig.

I did get a message back from the manager who we haven’t seen for about 10 weeks: I can restart scoring for the string orchestra (Project Instrumental) when I get funding. Well, we are applying to the Arts Council but we won’t find out until several more weeks down the line, at which point it will be too late to do the score by the deadline. Plus, Project Instrumental has said that they hope to make it work, whatever funding is found. That’s the commitment they have made to the project and, as things stand. we aren’t even going to be able to get a score to them. The discourtesy and lack of respect that is being shown by certain staff is embarrassing. This is not the way to build relationships with outside agencies. I have to question how some of these people attain and retain £30K – £60k management positions.

We did manage to run through the next 2 new numbers. Oh, my gosh. The second song sounded amazing with the band. It was a goose bump moment; not just for me. Just like the band and performers, I’m hearing my songs played by a band for the first time; you really can’t tell which ones are going to sound as that one did. At least the rehearsal ended on a positive note.

Be happy, be safe (and never anything until it ends on a positive note).

Graham Coutts 8th April 2017

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