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Arts Project

Hello friend,

Nope, this week is not more positive. Still unable to work with the choir on their parts and still not allowed to continue on the score. What did come out of this week was the negativity and lack of support from certain staff. I spoke to the Deputy Governor who is getting the departmental governor to meet with me to discuss these issues. It feels like certain parties are attempting to sabotage the project; and they are succeeding.

On top of this, we’ve no idea what is going on with the other components (sets, costumes, backdrops, etc.). We met with the manager on 26th January who took lots of notes and impressed upon us the urgency to get started. Over 9 weeks later and
nothing appears to have happened. She booked a meeting with me, which never happened. I sent her a memo of my concerns and highlighted the most pressing jobs which need completing, Three weeks later and no reply.

There’s more: we’ve been having issues with one of the performers. He didn’t tell us that he had applied for accumulated visits; so he will miss weeks of rehearsals. We also still don’t have anyone to play the female singing part.

I was so fed up by the end of the week that I am considering pulling the plug. I can’t work with people who talk and don’t do; nor can I work with unreliable people.

I had to miss this week’s rehearsal due to a hospital appointment (see next blog). The guys still worked on the songs. At least I don’t have to worry about the band and (some of) the performers.

Be happy; be safe (I’m too fed up to add any more).

Graham Coutts, 2nd April 2017

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