2017-39-Happiness Month concert

Happiness Month

Hello friend,

To mark World Happiness Month, the prison has been putting on various events and activities. One of these has been the choir singing the prisoners off to work and back on 2 separate days. You expect some of the prisoners to moan and whine but not staff.

One member of the choir had a hostile prison officer aggressively in his face about it being too noisy and the wrong time of day. I spoke to another who was also negative about the performance; and this guy is in the choir outside! What is the matter with these people? It is as if they are only happy when prisoners are miserable and broken.

These initiatives help to build prisoners’ confidence and self-esteem, as well as improving skills such as communication and teamwork. This all contributes towards releasing a better human being who is less likely to re-offend. If you’re wondering why prisons are in such a mess look no further than some of the staff they employ.

Be happy, be safe (and support people who make the effort to become better human beings).
Graham Coutts, 26th March 2017

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