2017-38 -Happiness Month concert

Happiness Month Concert

Hello friend,

The prison band collective did a concert for World Happiness Month. The theme was… happy songs. We finished with Pharell William’s ‘Happy’; which went down well. Other tunes included; I Saw Her Standing There; Make Me Smile; My Old Man’s A Dustman; and, Rocks.

I’ve noticed that the last few concerts have been less energetic and more sedate. Possibly because of this, the audience numbers have reduced, Thankfully, the dozen or so members of the choir, who also took part, bulked out the audience a bit more.

I want to do something more exciting for the summer concert. Maybe, ‘Staring At The Rude Boys’ by The Ruts or ‘Love Reign O’er Me’ by The Who (maybe a little too ambitious given our lack of keyboard player). How I miss the buzz of playing 90 minute set of adrenalin charged songs.

Be happy, be safe (and support your local music scene).

Graham Coutts, 26th March 2017

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