2017-37-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

No rehearsal this week as we were rehearsing for the Happiness Week gig. However, I forgot to mention last week that I had been suspended from the choir. Yes, it came as a surprise to me as well. particularly as I’m not in the choir. Nonetheless, 2 minutes after I was told this I picked up a memo from the Activity Allocation Board informing me that I was on one of the choir sessions and “we hope you enjoy your new activity.”

Typically for this place, there has been a lack of proper communication. I did go in to 2 or 3 choir sessions to start work with them on their parts of the rock opera. Unfortunately, there was an oversight on someone’s part in going through the correct procedure. So, instead of just putting it down to human error they try to find someone to blame; and it’s always the prisoner. I’ve spoken to one of the Governors.

The next spanner thrown into the my works: I was told to stop all arts project work in the Print Shop. I’ve no idea why but I was told that it was nothing that I had done. When I spoke to the same Governor about this he said he had been told that I was spending 100% of my time in the Print Shop working on arts project work. I’ve no idea who told him this misleading information; or why? It’s just putting me further behind on doing the score for the string orchestra.

Hopefully, next week will be more positive.

Be happy, be safe (and make sure you have all the facts before making decisions which affect your life or others).
Graham Coutts, 26th March 2017

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