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Hello friend,

I’m aware that there are still a number of blog threads from last year which I’ve left hanging. My conflict with the psychology department being one. Until I free up some time to sort out my paperwork. I’ll leave you with these thoughts.

Being wrongfully convicted is like being abducted and held to ransom. The ransom in my case is to admit to something that came out the imagination of the CPS. I’ve come to the conclusion, having seen just how few prisoners, who protest their innocence, are recategorised, HMP Wakefield’s psychology department’s agenda is to inveigle false confessions out of innocent people. They have the leverage of time. In essence, what we are told is ‘You will never be with your family again unless you confess to [add offence].’ Not their actual words but they might just as well be.

One guy recently told me that he was at this prison 24 years ago and some of the same Category A prisoners are still here 14 years later! Another guy, protesting his innocence, told me that, after refusing to engage with psychology he was petulantly told he would “give in” before she (senior psychologist) would. Ego, power and control. Families being punished by 1 or 2 members of staff here who bizarrely, given the poor results of their courses, have built an enormous power base. I once referred to them as snake oil salesmen; perhaps, snake charmers would be a more accurate analogy (I’m not implying that staff are snakes…or any other reptilian type creature…but that psychology have hypnotised them into this unquestioning obedience).

On a side note: I wonder if the psychologists who are often seen outside their building smoking are aware that their patronage is bankrolling one of the most corrupt and insidious industries on the planet? Tobacco companies target children (especially in poor countries) to get them addicted to their product (lifetime customers). Children that will, in all probability, go on to die of horrible tobacco related deaths.

I could highlight the lack of ‘consequential thinking’ on the part of these psychologists in terms of their own health, due to their addiction, but the question I want to pose is: what kind of arrogance does it take for someone to pontificate to prisoners about victim awareness when every day they are contributing to the child victims of tobacco companies?

On that note, friends, be happy, be safe (and, as much as you can, live a life that doesn’t harm others).
Graham Coutts, 12th March 2017

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  • You will probably find that these so called experts are basic nobodies in the outside world. Big fish/small pond seems to come to mind.

  • Hi Angela,

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. You would not believe the incompetence I’ve come across. Some of these people are dangerous, and shouldn’t be allowed to work in prisons. Nice hear from you again.
    Take care, Graham

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